Gregory A.D.

Art & Diving 


The DIVING portion of Gregory A.D focuses on habitat restoration and documentary film production. Over the past 20 years Greg Lashbrook and Kathy Johnson have worked with researchers across the Great Lakes basin. Restoration projects include habitat design, pre and post assessments and natural behavior documentation. Broadcast credits include PBS Detroit, the Discovery Network and National Geographic. Gregory A.D. has also had the privledge of working with two Tribal Nations producing natural history documentaries with a strong cultural voice.   
The ART portion of Gregory A.D. focuses on art commissions and leaded glass restorations. Greg Lashbrook is an award winning glass artist with 30 years of experience. Greg is known for deep carved glass, reverse painted glass, glass restoration, metal sculpture, mixed media and he likes to paint. He is a diverse and talented artist. Greg's work can be seen in bars, churches, commercial buidings, healthcare facilites, restaurants and private homes.
Greg takes his work seriously, but not himself. 
Gregory A.D. Greg Lashbrook and Kathy Johnson
Gregory A.D. Greg Lashbrook restores a leaded glass church window
Gregory A.D. Kathy Johnson with small mouth bass